Everyone Deserves a Great Guitar


Richardson Guitars and Effects believes that everyone deserves a great guitar. We believe in getting the right guitars and effects into the hands of those that seek quality and craftsmanship. Founded by luthier, Nathan Richardson, who approaches guitar-making with 20 years of playing, repairing, and building experience, Richardson Guitars uses sustainable materials and methods to build innovative and evolving guitars that are inspiring to hear, easy to maintain, and joyful to play

The Three

The Three is designed to create an unmatched playing experience. From its comfortable neck with a modified taper and compound fretboard radius, to its lightweight and newly designed (patent pending) body shape, The Three is sure to satisfy.

A Guitar Built for Endless Comfort

A hard maple neck with a 25.125-inch scale length, 9.5- to 14-inch compound fretboard radius, and asymmetrical neck taper meets a hand-contoured, lightweight, and newly designed body with total fretboard access for a comfortable, inviting, and memorable playing experience.

An Inspiring Array of Tones

Reimagined electronics featuring a custom P90-inspired pickup, slider volume control, three-way tone range switch, and a Mini Clean Machine, an active filtered boost from Richardson Effects—the same effect that’s favored by guitarists for its ability to highlight and focus the guitar’s primary tones. Customers call the Clean Machine tone vivid and intense, adding that it is,
cleaner than my Klon”. 

Watch The Three demo 


Pricing for the The Three Standard starts at $1599
Additional trim packages available below

We accept payment via debit/credit, Venmo, or Paypal. Payment plan options available as follows.

1.) Initial, nonrefundable downpayment secures your order and begins your build
2.) Balance split in biweekly or monthly, interest-free payments.
3.) Once your guitar is ready and your balance is paid in full, you get your new favorite guitar.

Please inquire about custom orders, we welcome the opportunity to bring your musical dreams to life.

Full The Three Standard (3st) Specifications


The Three Sport (3sp)

A streamlined version of the Standard trim featuring: side and fretboard dots at 5th, 7th, and 12th frets only, simplified electronics with a Mini Clean Machine, simple bridge, Gotoh mini (or similar) tuning machines, stock P90 pickup, standard nut, 21 frets, oil finish, and wedged body shape.

Starting at $999

The Three Supreme (3su)

A deluxe take on the Standard trim featuring , two p90-inspired pickups, three-way pickup selector switch, tone circuit bypassing, full Clean Machine with separate level and tone controls, improved bridge, and weight reduction body chambering.

Starting at $2999

The Three SpeedBass (3sb)

A four-string, 30-inch scale bass designed to fit in the same space as a standard guitar. Its features include 30-inch scale length, 1.625-inch nut width, modified neck taper, CVG pine wedge-contoured body (or similar), maple neck, custom pickup, stacked volume and tone, Mini Clean Machine with bass-tuned filter network.

Starting at $1299

The Three A.E. (3ae)

A acoustic/electric hybrid model based on the Standard trim. This model uses an acoustic-inspired top with a light-weight, hollow body design, active and passive electronics, 1.75-inch nut width, and is available strung for steel string or nylon.

Starting at $1699

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